Drive to Directions

Directions For Driving to Pick-up At Separation Rapids Access.

From International Falls, MN take Highway 71 north to Highway 17-17A.

  1. Turn left and continue on Highway 17A “Which Bypasses Kenora”, or about 11 miles, to the first stop light.
  2. Turn right on Route 658 and follow for about 14 miles to the English River Road sign on your right-hand side.
  3. Just past the sign, turn left and follow the main road for approximately 27 miles, or to the 74 Kilometer marker. DO NOT cross the Big Steel Bridge.
  4. Your pick-up is just before the bridge on your left at Separation Rapids Campground.

Our manager will call so we can pick you up in our covered boat or barge for about a 10 minute ride to Main Camp.
*If coming from Winnipeg, turn left on Route 658 and follow the same directions.

When planning a trip to Canada, the location you select to fish or hunt is the key to your success. Many camps promise spectacular trips but…!

Tired of getting misled by advertising – disappointment after disappointment mainly due to selecting the lowest cost trip – we receive many inquires each season telling us of the bad experiences they had to such areas. Most of their trips selected were due to pricing. “Why pay more when you are misled to assume you can get the same for less?” was the reason given for most disappointments. There is no way you can get the trip of a lifetime for minimum costs. When you select a higher but reasonable cost you can expect to receive a good excellent value for your dollar. When you begin your selection, try to find a camp that offers these six items and you will have a great trip – controlled fishing pressure, location, controlled access, camp conservation policies, size of fishery, moving current such as a river system due to fertability thereby producing vast numbers as well as trophies of most sought after species.