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“100 to 200 Fish Per Day”

Just a few of the many who had “BRAG ABOUT” great fishing in 2013 on all species Averaging 100 to 200 plus fish in the boat per day while some of our new guests weren’t used to fishing a river system with current, but once they caught on they had excellent fishing as well. The month of June thru July 7th was absolutely unbelievable fishing and the August to mid September didn’t slow down either, lots of big northern & walleye and the weather was ideal.

Tom & William Van-Over from Saverton, Missouri loves to fish smallmouth and caught 480 smallies three to five pounds during their four day stay June 7th thru June 11th, an average of 120 per day.

Dale Wieners son & friend from Janesville, Minnesota caught & released a total of 220 fish on June 11th, and averaged over 100 fish per day during their six days of fishing.

Mark Churma from Naperville, Illinois had catches of 100 plus fish per day which included some great northern pike fishing during the first week of June. These firemen know how to fish a river system.

Eric & Kathy Strutz from Spring Grove, Illinois were newcomers in mid-June and caught lots of walleye & northern,stated “Best camp they have been to for excellent accommodations, food ,great staff and of course the fishing is fantastic, never a dull moment” we’ll be back in 2014 with another couple for sure.

Steve Lapin, party of eight, from Waterford, Wisconsin caught lots of big northern & walleye plus smallmouth up to 20 inches over 6 days in mid June. Best fishing ever, will always fish Separation, no other place can compare for sheer size and volume. We have fished May, June, July & August and the fishing stays about the same every time, great camp
& fishery.” Ungodly great fishing as usual.”

Rick Radcliff & sons from Downs, Illinois fished with guides and stated” Great time, caught to many fish to even try and keep count, see you in 2014.

The Holstein party from Leesburg, Indiana caught lots of fish, largest northern caught by his son was 43 inches. Several northern 35 to 43 inches, walleye to 29 inches and bass up to 20 inches, had great fishing for everyone.

Larry & Sue Brennan from Kansas during the first week of July, Larry loves to fish smallmouth & Sue runs the movie camera. Of coarse they always fish with a guide. Larry finally admitted he had never caught this many smallmouth, and never thought I would get worn out catching smallies, but I did. A great trip as usual.

Mike Roth from Minnesota made his first trip to Separation in early August, said they caught lots of good fish and will be back at the end of August with his wife as she would love the VIP cottages as well as the easy fishing and the unforgettable scenery. That way I get to make two trips instead of only one. Seemed as though Mike plans ahead, maybe some of you guys should consider using the same technique with your spouse.

Bill & Bonnie Jones from Chicago, Illinois have been coming to Separation for quite a few years now sometimes two or three trips a year with friends, family and sometimes just the two of them. They absolutely love Separation and seem like family, they have become great friends and strongly recommend Separation as the only place to go in Canada. And yes, Bonnie always out fishes Bill on the most and largest fish caught. Bonnie stated it is so beautiful and peaceful up here.

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