Hunting Info & Rates


The Combination Hunting/Fishing Is The Best Of Both Worlds Max of 10 Hunters Per Season on All Hunting Packages, Therefore No Over hunting Occurs and Thereby Makes Your Success Rate as Close to 100% As Possible.


A couple nice young eight pointers swimming from the main land to one of the many islands during late July. Archery season opens during late September and gun season in October thru November 15th for nonresidents.

The prime rut is in full swing during the first two weeks of November. Since 1985, our area had virtually no deer hunting, but due to loggers clear cutting over the last several years our moose population has gone down and the whitetail have exploded to the point there are two many deer and we need to harvest some of the numerous bucks that we see throughout the season while hunting and fishing. We see numerous bucks in the 150 class and the exceptional monster that anyone would love to harvest. We do our September hunts at the main camp, but move to the access area campground for the October & November hunts due to more accessibility to abandoned logging roads & clear cut areas. We also hunt from either location via boat to remote areas not accessible by four wheelers.



August 15th thru September 15th Archery or Gun combo

BEAR ONLY– 6 night 5 day guided package


Bear/Fishing 6 night 5 day guided package



$2,250.00 ea.


$2,550.00 ea.


Season Opens September 15th for non-residents

Waterfowl non-guided hunt minimum 4 nights 3 days (extra days @ $300.00/day) $1,130.00 ea.
Waterfowl/Fishing guided minimum 4 nights 3 days (extra days @ $450.00/day) $1,430.00 ea.

Campground Access Bear & Deer Hunt

November 1st thru November 15th during prime time rut on Deer Hunts                 $1,250.00 ea.
August/September Non Guided (7) day Bear fishing combo do your own thing (includes Campsite, walk trough and map of bait and stand locations) $1,250.00 ea.
November Non-Guided Inclusive (7) day Deer fishing combo includes campsite,camper,food,boat,motor. $1,750.00 ea.
Guide Service available (1) guide for (2) hunters $250.00 day

Give us a call 217-357-3069

We have numerous wild rice bays we hunt for Mallard, golden eye, teal, wood duck and Canadian geese. Deer hunts primarily around clear cut areas & abandoned logging roads, timber area & islands. Bear hunts are primarily by boat transportation out of Main Camp to established stands. Campground Access hunts are mainly by 4 wheelers along abandoned logging roads baits.